Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Hair Products I Wish I Had | Lust List

Who thinks they've got the most annoying hair in the world? *Waves both hands frantically in the hair, whilst jumping up and down screaming* My hair could give yours a run for its money. It's no secret to those who know me (I yarp on about it enough), my locks and I have some deep, deeeep issues!

I am forever trying to find the perfect hair product to combat the frizziness/moulting/breakage/ downright fluffiness that occurs on a daily basis. Sadly, as of yet, my searches have yielded little results. I absolutely love the products I've tried - I am an Aussie Miracle fanatic, having tried almost all of what they've brought out and loved them all (apart from the Miracle Shine shampoo, that did not do wonders for me) and Herbal Essences and the John Frieda 'Frizz Ease' Collection also get the thumbs up - but none of them seem to go any further than the others in improving the quality of my hair.

Naturally, I have come up with quite the list of products that given some time (and money!) I would love to try out! Here are a few of them:

Bumble and bumble 'The Surf Set'

(Picture from Sephora)

I have been lusting after this ever since I read 'The Craft' by Lou Teasdale - a brilliant book for anyone interested in experimenting with hair and beauty! I'm hoping this would combat the fluffiness of my hair by adding some much needed texture, and I also L O V E beachy-style hair, win win! Words cannot explain how much I want this set in my life.

(Picture from Aussie website)
I actually discovered this whilst I was looking at the Aussie website for this post, and am already lusting after it!  I love post-washing sprays as I find that with a good one, the shampoo/conditioner you use can be immaterial as you get the same effect! You can probably tell I have a slight obsession with texture creating products at the moment!

(Picture from Reese Atomic)
I fell in love with this product when reading The Sunday Girl's recent post on Biotin. I have tried other OGX products, and really liked them (I'm currently trialing their 'Argan Oil of Morocco' shampoo and conditioner - review up soon!) My hair is quite fine and extremely prone to breakage and from what she's written this collection could be my dream come true! Fingers crossed! (I've just looked at their entire list of products and I think I may have to buy it all!!)

Well there you have it! Just a few of the products on my hair Lust List! Although now I've explored each of their websites a little bit more the list is on the verge of becoming a full blown novel! My poor bank account!!

Have any of you guys tried any hair products you've loved, or got any you wish you could try?


  1. I enjoy using the Surf spray-gives a nice texture to my hair :)

    1. That's it then, I have to buy it now! Thank you! :)