Tuesday, 9 September 2014

My Under £20 Bad Skin Routine | Reviewsday

If any of you guys follow me on twitter, you will know that recently my skin has hit an all time low. I have put it down to the excess oils in my skin from holiday, but still, it was getting beyond a joke. So on a recent trip to Boots/ Sainsbury's (you can see my haul here) I decided to take action in the form of Good Things Skincare. Yes, I love them.

I have mentioned the Good Things 'Miracle Mattifier' Moisturiser (£7.99) before, but this time I also was enticed by the 'Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser' (£4.99) - which claims to "purify and decongest skin, keeping oiliness and breakouts at bay" - and the 'Deep Clean Blackhead Exfoliator' (£4.99) - which promises to "help to reduce bacteria levels" and "boost skin radiance". All these products are from their Anti Blemish range, so were exactly what I was looking for! These, combined with the moisturiser, have become my three weapons against my oily, spotty skin. And they work a treat!

In the mornings I wash my face with the cleanser, exfoliate, and then apply moisturiser. I found my face feels so fresh and clean after being washed, and the mosituriser fits perfectly into my routine as it doesn't feel heavy on my skin. The cleanser and exfoliator live up to their claims, and do a lot to make my skin look brighter and less tired in the mornings, making me feel ready to face the day and not be conscious of my skin. At night I skip the exfoliating, just because my skin is very sensitive. Two weeks later my skin is feeling and looking a lot more healthy and happy, and I couldn't be more pleased with these products!

At £17.97, this skin routine really is a steal and worth trying out. Good Things are a brand I really trust to provide me with good quality products for low prices, and I seriously am IN LOVE with them!


  1. This has been the perfect timing! My skins was acting out so much these past two months, so I will for sure try this..I believe you that it works! :))
    Oh and btw, I nominated you for a Liebster Award woohoo! Join if you want :) .. couldn't tweet you, don't know why..

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