Tuesday, 9 September 2014

My Under £20 Bad Skin Routine | Reviewsday

If any of you guys follow me on twitter, you will know that recently my skin has hit an all time low. I have put it down to the excess oils in my skin from holiday, but still, it was getting beyond a joke. So on a recent trip to Boots/ Sainsbury's (you can see my haul here) I decided to take action in the form of Good Things Skincare. Yes, I love them.

I have mentioned the Good Things 'Miracle Mattifier' Moisturiser (£7.99) before, but this time I also was enticed by the 'Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser' (£4.99) - which claims to "purify and decongest skin, keeping oiliness and breakouts at bay" - and the 'Deep Clean Blackhead Exfoliator' (£4.99) - which promises to "help to reduce bacteria levels" and "boost skin radiance". All these products are from their Anti Blemish range, so were exactly what I was looking for! These, combined with the moisturiser, have become my three weapons against my oily, spotty skin. And they work a treat!

In the mornings I wash my face with the cleanser, exfoliate, and then apply moisturiser. I found my face feels so fresh and clean after being washed, and the mosituriser fits perfectly into my routine as it doesn't feel heavy on my skin. The cleanser and exfoliator live up to their claims, and do a lot to make my skin look brighter and less tired in the mornings, making me feel ready to face the day and not be conscious of my skin. At night I skip the exfoliating, just because my skin is very sensitive. Two weeks later my skin is feeling and looking a lot more healthy and happy, and I couldn't be more pleased with these products!

At £17.97, this skin routine really is a steal and worth trying out. Good Things are a brand I really trust to provide me with good quality products for low prices, and I seriously am IN LOVE with them!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Blame It On Calvin

Superstar DJ Calvin Harris has teamed up with John Newman to bring us brand new single 'Blame', and it's going to be huuuuuuuge, if their joint track records are anything to go by. We don't even need to go into Calvin - the man knows how to make a great dance song - and I'm sure you all remember Rudimental's smash hits 'Feel The Love' and 'Not Giving In', which John Newman also featured on.

'Blame' is set up to be a massive Freshers anthem, so be prepared to hear a lot of it from here on out. The track is classic Calvin Harris, but the ideal follow on from both summer (the season) and 'Summer' his last single. Newman's fantastic vocals add a layer of warmth, and the massive bassline in the chorus and guitar led verses are enough to make you let loose and truly forget you're at home and not in Ibiza (I wish). The lyrics are carefree and feel good, almost begging to be loudly screamed along to, and once again totally reminiscent of euphoric summer days. It is the perfect post-summer hit.

This track is going straight to the top of the charts, and I for one could not be happier. Thanks Calvin, it's stuck in my head and I'm going to blame it on you.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Great Barrier Reef | Wanderlust Wednesday

A couple of weeks ago I went to go and see The Inbetweeners 2 with some friends - absolutely amazing, hilarious - and ever since I have been obsessed with Australia and travelling around it. Instead of having a list of the hundreds of places I want to go/do in this vast country, I decided instead to focus on one - The Great Barrier Reef.

For as long as I can remember scuba diving here (and in general) has been something I've dreamt of. The coral, the marine life - ahhhh I just need to go there! I was meant to be a mermaid, I swear. Ever since I tried my hand at some underwater breathing in Kalkan, I have been even more obsessed with the idea of exploring the ocean, and, what can I say? I'd just love the excuse to pop on a plane and swim in the famous waters! One day I will check this off my bucket list, but until then, here are a selection of wonderful photos from Pinterest that have had me drooling this week. Enjoy!

Friday, 29 August 2014

You're Never Too Old... | Feel Good Friday

... for Disney tunes. There's nothing quite like 110% giving yourself to a song, belting it out and dancing like a maniac all round your room, but I can guarantee that it's the effect a Disney song can have on most people.

I think it's the rare combination of childhood nostalgia mixed with genuine love, and absolutely zero embarrassment (we all know we loved some bad, BAD songs when we were too young to know better - Barbie Girl anyone?). Disney songs are just SO wonderful.

This week I've been scouring Spotify, and have actually created a playlist, appropriately titled "The Best Songs Ever' and it's been my go-to jam ever since. Here's some of my all-time faves, classics, if you will.

Also, I'd like this opportunity to pay tribute to one of the most talented actors and greatest comedic legends there ever has, and ever will be, and star of one of my all time favourite Disney movies, Robin Williams.

R.I.P you funny, funny man. Thank you.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Good Things 'Miracle Mattifier' Moisturiser | Reviewsday

Ahhhh this moisturiser! I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven when Ella whipped this out of her bag in Budapest (great place, for more info click here and here)!

This product is perfect for people with oily or combination skin, or for anyone going somewhere hot for a couple of weeks. It does exactly what it says on the tin, moisturising well yet without being excessively oily, therefore combatting problematic oily areas. The formula is light, so doesn't sit on your skin taking an age to absorb, and is nourishing enough so as not to dehydrate any dry parts. It also contains blackcurrant and goja berries, which Good Things claim to be "superfruit beauty boosters".

I genuinely did fall in love with the this product, and ended up stealing it for the entire time I was with Ella, completely forgetting about my usual moisturiser. It really did help with the whole sweat and excess oil problem that comes with being in a hotter, more urban environment, especially seeing as I wore zero make up in the day so had no mattifying powder! Good Things describes the moisturiser as 'Anti Blemish' and I do agree: I noticed a reduction in the number of spots I got/had at the time. They credit this to the black currant extract, which absorbs excess oil on your skin. If you're worried about sensitivity, I can say that I have sensitive skin and did not experience one problem.

I cannot sing this moisturiser's praises enough, and at only £7.99* you really can't go wrong! If you'd like to read more about it, click here.

Have any of you guys tried any products you've absolutely loved/hated recently?

*There was a 1/3 off all Good Things products in store in the Boots in Chester (and just on this moisturiser online), so I got mine for £5.33. I'd check if I were you, it's worth it!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Kalkan, Turkey | Wanderlust Wednesday

Now, are you sitting comfortably? Are you sure? Because I'm going to let you in on a secret.

Recently I went back to Kalkan with my family, one of my favourite places in the entire world, for the third time. I first went about eleven years ago, and then went again three years later, so I hadn't been in about eight years. And y'know what? I loved it just as much. It's one of those places in the world that you just can't tire of, and I'm so happy that I was able to go before it became more recognised as a tourist location. I almost didn't write this post because I wasn't sure if I wanted more people to know about it!

It's most definitely a place where you go for a pool and beach holiday. There are boat tours where you can go and visit places such as the Sunken City of Kekova, and nearby Patara beach is beautiful. This time round my brother, my dad and I all went scuba diving which was hands down one of the best experiences of my life. But asides from all that, what sets Kalkan apart is the 'vibe' - I'm really sorry about using that word, but there seriously isn't another way of describing it! Everyone is so friendly and relaxed, the sea and landscape are stunning, the food is divine. You can be almost anywhere in Kalkan or the surrounding hillside and hear the Mosque, which I think is so beautiful. It's not overrun by toursits, and everything is thoroughly based on Turkish culture.

Kalkan is a place where I will always be able to see myself returning.

Anyways, who wouldn't go back to a place where they give you free bread and shots at tea time?

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Body Shop 'Love Your Body' Reward Card | Review & Haul

In today's foray into Chester, I made a beeline into The Body Shop to lust after their Honey Bronze powder (please excuse the pun) and their new Wild Argan Oil products - I need the Radiant Oil and the Body Lotion in my life. As I wandered round I noticed a sign offering a free shower gel for everyone who signed up for a 'Love Your Body' reward card on that day.

Now, I really like The Body Shop but hardly ever shop there, and already knew that this card meant a wonderful 10% off all purchases, so needless to say I grabbed it and ran to the counter. What I didn't know were all the HIDDEN EXTRA LOVELY BITS included on this, the most perfect of cards. You get:
  • Up to £15 worth of free gifts a year (i.e. per card)
  • A birthday gift worth up to £5
  • Member-only discounts and events
  • Inside info - be the first to know about new products
Also, on the card I picked up they were offering 20% off the first online purchase you make, but I don't know if this is the same for everyone! Either way, for £5 for a year you really can't go wrong. I am not affiliated with The Body Shop in any way, I just wanted to let people know about what I consider an amazing offer! For more information please click here.

And now the haul! I managed to stay away from the make up section (go me!), and instead was well behaved and stuck to body and room things. For my free shower gel I chose 'Atlas Mountain Rose' which has an impressive 250 ml of product (I couldn't find a link for this unfortunately). It is just floral enough to be both subtle and aromatic, claims to soften and refresh your skin, and contains natural ingredients. I must admit I usually opt for fruity scents, but the lack of choice remaining at the checkout has forced me to experiment, which I'm glad about!

The other item I got was a repurchase from a couple of years ago. We've just found out that we aren't allowed to burn candles in our uni house next year, so when I spotted this 'Pomegranate & Raspberry Body, Room and Linen Spritz' for £7 near the till, I nabbed it straight away! I'm also worryingly low on perfume so this should be a lovely multi-purpose buy. As I left, I noticed out of the corner of my eye some Reed Diffusers in the same scents as the Body, Room and Linen Spritzes for £15, so I have a small idea what to spend my next 10% discount on - no one likes a smelly room, right?