Friday, 29 August 2014

You're Never Too Old... | Feel Good Friday

... for Disney tunes. There's nothing quite like 110% giving yourself to a song, belting it out and dancing like a maniac all round your room, but I can guarantee that it's the effect a Disney song can have on most people.

I think it's the rare combination of childhood nostalgia mixed with genuine love, and absolutely zero embarrassment (we all know we loved some bad, BAD songs when we were too young to know better - Barbie Girl anyone?). Disney songs are just SO wonderful.

This week I've been scouring Spotify, and have actually created a playlist, appropriately titled "The Best Songs Ever' and it's been my go-to jam ever since. Here's some of my all-time faves, classics, if you will.

Also, I'd like this opportunity to pay tribute to one of the most talented actors and greatest comedic legends there ever has, and ever will be, and star of one of my all time favourite Disney movies, Robin Williams.

R.I.P you funny, funny man. Thank you.


  1. Never too old for a disney playlist ☺️ I have one on my phone that I listen to coming home from work most days

    I posted my fave songs in my playlist post over at if you want to check it out


  2. It's my going to work playlist, nothing like it to get you ready for a long shift! And I will check that out now! Thank you xx