Monday, 25 August 2014

Raiding Sainsbury's Beauty Aisle | Haul

On Friday afternoon my lovely mother and I went for a quick trip into Chester. It wasn't the most successful trip, what with having to battle through the bank holiday weekend traffic and the cabinet my mum had wanted having already been sold. So it was in not the most joyous of moods that we arrived at Sainsbury's, but little did we (I) know, salvation was near! A quick trip down the beauty and hair aisles were all we (I) needed to put smiles on our (my) faces - she was still pretty miffed about the cabinet.

However, she still found it in her heart to look the other way as I popped these beauties into the trolley <3

£1.99 each from Boots

I already own the 'Bee Strong Strengthening Cream' and love it as an alternative to my Aussie leave-in conditioners as it leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and smelling amazing. Surprisingly though, the shampoo and conditioner set had escaped my eye, that is until a friend credited them for the massive reduction of split ends in her hair. Needless to say I was sold immediately! Hopefully they'll live up to the hype, and may be the answer to my hair complaints from my Hair Lust List? A girl can dream! Also, I find it really satisfying that the two bottles slot together so perfectly - is that weird?

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze pack of 4 cartridges
£9.99 from Amazon and Boots

These don't really require an explanation as to why I bought them, you all know how much I adore the Spa Breeze range from my Beauty Must-Have post! Please excuse the marks on the front of the box, it had a security mark sticker on it - they're THAT valuable, haha!

£4.59 from Boots

I saw this and instantly picked it up. My skin has been acting up recently, so it's claims of being "anti-blemish", with "spot fighting ingredients" Zinc PCA, Chamomile, Tapioca Starch and Aloe Vera, and "long lasting shine control" had me weak at the knees. I have used other Simple products for years, and I know my skin reacts well to them, so in an attempt to balance its pH level I'm sticking with the "experts in sensitive skin" who I know and love. Fingers crossed!

£1.00 from Boots

If this shower cream was a person, I would marry them, THAT is how much I love it. It leaves your skin feeling super soft, lathers really well and lives up to its name - I genuinely feel happy when I use this product, even at 9:30 8:30 before an early lecture. Plus, the orange blossom scent is too die for. They've changed the formula and packaging since I last purchased, so I'm eager to see if/how it's changed.

£4.99 each from the Good Things website

I have been massively in love with Good Things since Budapest, when Ella whipped out the 'Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser' (which I am still desperately trying to get my hands on). It worked so well for my skin, controlling oil and shine yet still moisturising, so when I spotted these hidden below Simple I had to get them! I have previously tried the exfoliator, but can't remember being too fussed about it either way so decided I should give it another go. The 'Stay Clear' promise of the cleanser was enough for me, I will fight you spots! As the name suggests, they're full of 'good things' and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, so hopefully they won't aggravate my skin further.

So that's it, my Sainsbury's haul! I hope you enjoyed it, and if you've tried any of these products or anything else you'd recommend please feel free to leave a comment below!

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