Saturday, 16 August 2014

Porridge with Grapes, Sultanas and Cherries | Sain Saturday

I am not the healthiest person out there. In fact, I am actually quite unhealthy. Not because I binge on junk food all the time, but because I don't eat and drink enough of the healthy stuff. Recently, what with holidays and lack-of-kitchen-itis, my eating habits really have hit a new low - the other day I ate an ENTIRE triangle of brie. On its own. By myself. I must be stopped.

So, I am embarking on a new series of blog posts called 'Sain Saturday' ('sain' means 'healthy' in French, and we all know how much I love France!) to try and encourage myself to eat a more varied and nourishing diet, and hopefully inspire some of you to do the same! I thought I'd start with a good old fashioned breakfast dish - it is the most important meal of the day, after all - so here is today's porridge with a few tasty extras.

I am usually a dedicated Demerara sugar and butter fan, so to experiment with different flavours was daunting but proved very very tasty!

For this recipe I used:

A handful of cherries - sliced into quarters
4 grapes - sliced in half
Enough sultanas to fit in the palm of my hand

I also added a drizzle of Lincolnshire honey (courtesy of my Grannie), but found that it contrasted with the sweet/sour taste of the cherries and that the natural sugars from the fruits were enough of a sweetener!

I really did enjoy having something healthy for a change, especially because I proved to myself that it is possible to still eat the things you usually do with a few little changes! I may have it again tomorrow!

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