Sunday, 3 August 2014

How To Fake A Tan On Holiday | Top Tips

I'll hold my hands up now! I know I promised this post is LONG overdue, I have just been enjoying lying around doing nothing too much the past couple of days! Won't happen again (will probably happen again)!

Anyways, down to business.

Year round, if you want to, it is all too easy to achieve the desired 'sun-kissed glow' by using fake tan or tanning moisturisers. But when you're on holiday, how are you supposed to fake tan AND swim in the sea? It's such a clash of interests. If you're lucky and have naturally tanned or dark skin, or are one of those people who can be in the sun for five minutes and look bronzed, then you will have no trouble with this change. However, if you're like me and take a good while for your skin to get accustomed to the sun enough to tan, and even then only go a 'honey brown' at best - then these tips are for you.

Here's the tips that I abide by to fool people that I'm a lot more tanned than I actually am:

1. Work the neon
Now I am just the latest in a looooong stream of people saying that neons and bright colours help you look more tanned, but we wouldn't all be saying it if it wasn't true, right? Whether it's your nails, bikini, flip flops, sunglasses - all neon is good neon when it comes to the illusion of the bronzed goddess.

Neon orange nails - I don't know how it works, but it does!
 2. Steer clear of white least for the first couple of days, then go crazy with it! When you've got even a little tan, white will make it look a thousand times darker and deeper, however I find if I wear it before I've done a few days in the sunit only makes the fact that I'm quite pale more apparent! Instead go for brights or light pastels in the first few days.

3. Buy a tan assisting sun cream
This tip will actually help you tan for real. My go to is the 'Nivea Protect & Bronze suncream', which I have used since 2012. It contains no fake tan, just all the right ingredients to enable your skin to tan better than it ever has before. It really works for me!

I know I'm wearing white, it was a few days in haha!
4. Try not to wear too many dark colours
This is almost the same tip as with wearing white, but in reverse. Dark colours, I find, drain my skin of any tan it may have got, so I try and steer clear of them for the first couple of days.

5. Slap some sunnies on and take a picture
If worst comes to the worst and you really do not tan - First: put some sunnies on - everyone looks more tanned when you look at them in sunglasses, including you. Second: take a picture, up the contrast, slightly lower the shadow and a tanned goddess you will be (as far as anyone at home knows at least)! Work your skin in all its natural glory and celebrate the fact that you won't get wrinkles when you're older.

Well there you have it, my top tips for pretending your tan's better than it actually is, hope you enjoyed!

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