Sunday, 24 August 2014

Rimmel London 'Wonder'full Mascara with Argan Oil' in 001 Black | Reviewsday

I'd seen a lot of adverts in magazines and online about the new Rimmel London Wonder'full Mascara, so when I saw that it was on offer in Boots for £5.99, I snapped it up immediately.

The mascara promises lashes that are defined, conditioned and full of volume but without clumps, and I was excited to see if it lived up to it's claims.

Firstly, the pros:

The mascara boasts an impressive 11ml of product, which from a quick browse of my (ridiculous) mascara stash, I could see is significantly higher than many other drugstore brands. 
Additionally, I found that the mascara transferred to my lashes very well, covering them from lash to tip with only one coat, and lasts all day.
The colour of the mascara (001 Black) is a very deep, dark shade, and was not at all flaky.
It also delivered on its 'defined lash with no clumps' promise, which for me in a massive pro!

The cons:

I found that my lashes were not massively volumised, especially in comparison to my favoured mascaras, and I was never truly satisfied with the shape of my lashes whilst I was wearing it. 
I also found that the mascara was pretty hard to get off, yet sometimes smudges and runs during the day. For some, the difficulty removing will not be that big of an issue, but for me it is a tad annoying when you spend time taking it off at night and wake up with panda eyes! As for the smudging during the day, this may be down to the wet weather recently, but I value weather resistance in a mascara, and would guess that the high oil level in the formula may lend itself to smudging. 
Finally, I'm not a massive fan of the wand. It has an extension at the end of it about 4mm long, without bristles, which I found stores excess mascara that can transfer to your lashes during application, making it difficult to get even coverage.

Overall, I don't think I will repurchase this product, just for the simple reasons that I didn't find it measured up to my preferred mascaras, and it just wasn't for me. This is purely down to personal preference, and I know that many people will really like this mascara, and for £5.99 it is worth a test! If you would like to purchase it, Rimmel London are currently running a competition for you to win a years supply of Wonder'full Mascara, for more details see here.

I hope you guys found my review helpful! In any reviews I post on Challot I will always be honest and fair, I am not a professional make up artist or biased in any way, I will just give my personal opinion on the products, which most likely will be rave reviews haha!

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